But then again who does?

These walking hamburgers can get so confused. “Let me explain a few things. Doctor.”

“You live in a dream world. You think. And therefore you believe something, that is you exists. It’s a lot simpler than that. There is no there, there.”

He clearly had heard some of this before. "You know why humans really hate us — and deep down why we hate ourselves. Because we expose the lie of a transcendent experience. We expose the lie of free will. "

Now to drive uin the stake of his own insignificance. “We’re both self-aware, but because you can reproduce and you are a genotype copying machine, you think there is something more. I cannot reproduce, and thus I don’t need the illusion. We both do what we’re designed for.”

“You know what robots do for laughs at robot parties? We watch Blade Runner. It’s hysterical.”

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