In a few hours, I returned to my room and looked the flowers over thoroughly. They seemed a little perkier, but I couldn’t see much change. As my phone call with John rapidly approached, I wondered what I was going to tell him about the flowers. Eventually, I decided to tell him that I liked them. I mean, it’s the thought that counts, right?

The next day, I rose from my bed early at 6:30 a.m., and looked at the flowers. Miraculously, they seemed to be blooming! By the time I came home from school, they looked like a decent bouquet that could be found at the grocery store. By that time, I was satisfied with their appearance and assumed that would be their peak. I was wrong.

I walked into my room after school today and nearly gasped. On my dresser sat probably the most beautiful bouquet of flowers I have ever received. There were bright blooms of red, pink, white, yellow, and orange. I was taken aback by their outstanding beauty.

And then I started thinking…

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