I can see a connection between these flowers and my relationship with John. We had a rough start in middle school. Neither of us was ready for a serious relationship, but we tried it anyway. We went on one unsuccessful dinner date together during the summer after seventh grade, and drifted apart soon after. We didn’t have any contact for almost two years. During this time, John moved away. The buds and leaves of our relationship were wilted and crinkled.

Soon, however, we began talking again, and found that we enjoyed each other’s friendship. We had a specific time every week that we would get online and chat for hours on end. I had missed his presence in my life so much. The buds were beginning to bloom.

Before long, I was able to visit John, and after less than a week of seeing each other, we decided that we had more going for us than just friendship. Now I realize that he completes me. I wouldn’t want to go a day without hearing his sweet voice. Our relationship is now a beautiful bouquet.

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