The Blowing Snow

A cold winters wind wove through the trees and with it the first flakes of snow began to fall.

The world around me began the fade as the approaching clouds blotted out the moon. I found myself backed into a tree, pushed by the darkness itself. I could feel new tears burning as they began to stream down my face and my tired legs collapsed.

“Someone help me!” I cried out to the sky but the only answer was my own echo shouting back to me.

I pulled my knees to my chest as another bitter wind blew by. The wind stirred up the new dusting of snow sending it swirling along the ground like snakes then tossing it into the air, forcing me to bury my head in my lap.

I looked up into the blowing snow giving a glance around into the trees; even past the wind I thought I heard something. All I could see was the white blowing snow but as it settled I could barely make out the gleam of two yellow eyes emerging from deep within the trees.

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