To Finish Off The Meal...

The zombie lapped the blood up from each organ before biting into it. Some yellow and white juices squirted out, mixing with the taste of blood in his mouth and the tough, chewing organ tissue. The heart was most delectable. It was still warm with blood as he devoured it. He continued to work his way through organ and muscle until he reached bone, which he crunched on and ate several of, leaving the rest for the rats.

Last came the brain. The zombie punched the skull as hard as he could, cracking the bone. More blood and some white gell leaked out. He picked apart each piece, savoring the soggy, chewy taste.

A few chunks of skin and one last sip of blood finished it off. The zombie stood up to admire his work. All that remained were bones, small heaps of mutilated flesh, and a few scarce puddles of blood.

Blood dripped from his torn, decaying skin that could barely hold on to his partially exposed skull. He slowly turned his decrepit body, left the resteraunt, and headed out to find another victim.

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