Day 4,329

Yep, there was the town up ahead.

The maps often weren’t good for shit with all the cars and makeshift barriers on the roads, but this one actually panned out.

There were some signs of life at the first cluster of houses. Usually the established people were scared, but not dangerous. Bill knocked on the door.

“H-hold it right there!”

It was a scrawny kid behind him holding an extremely old luger.

“You don’t look like you want to hurt anyone. And I can help you. Trust me, kid.”

“You have no idea… wh-who… I am,” the boy stammered while waving his rusted, empty gun in the general direction of Bill’s face.

“I know you’re scared and you look like you haven’t eaten in days.”

The wind picked up, rattling a can across the yard. The boy’s eyes darted to the side at this sudden movement and Bill pulled the gun away easily. Christ, the kid could barely hold it.

“HEY! Give that back! GIVE IT BACK!”

The kid pounded on Bill’s chest, reaching for the gun. It wasn’t long before the shouts turned into crying.

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