The Runaways - Identity Revealed

How have mom and dad not heard this? James thought to himself while dodging strikes of the stranger. Even if they didn’t hear the window crash, they must have heard me jumping around up here and screaming. The stranger brought his sword down on James’ shoulder just as he got out of the way. James winced in pain.

If he wasn’t alone, how come no one else had come up yet to help him? James thought it was strange. He had clearly just told the boy that there were more people with him. So why haven’t they come to help?

James arrived at a conclusion.

He didn’t need the help.

Suddenly, James remembered his pocket knife, clipped to his belt. He unclipped it and took out the knife. Knowing this may be the last thing he ever does, James charged the stranger, plunging the knife into his chest.

The whole world froze. James felt like he could sense the stranger’s spirit draining away from his body.

The stranger fell to the floor, dead. And as he did, his mask fell off, revealing the face of Travis Ortega.

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