The Runaways - Mind Games

I just killed a kid that was in my class… James though, his mind blowing through a million different thoughts at once.

Travis Ortega was in James class.

They weren’t particularly friends, but they knew each other.

Why had he crashed through James’ window and tried to kill him?

Who else was there with him?

Why hadn’t they come to help him?

Were there more students like him, working for this “master” person?

Who is their master?

What did he want from James?

Could he trust anyone?

Nevermind that! He had just killed someone!

Not to mention someone his age!

He could be arrested for this!

Sure, it was self defense, but he still killed somebody!

He had to run away.

He had to hide the body.

Somewhere where no one would find it.

He could never come back home.

Not if they knew where he lived.

And they knew where he lived.

There would be more.

There had to be more.

They wouldn’t just leave him here, would they?

They’d be back.

And they’d take James with them.



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