No Time for Games

Straw shook his head in disgust. He stood and walked to the window, turning his back to Bella.
“I was set to marry Olsen’s daughter, you know, before you.”
“Is that so?” Bella asked softly, thinking of the skinny waif that was the hotel owner’s daughter. A pretty woman, respectable. Though she’d barely seen her husband in a year, Bella still felt bitterness. She kept her tone neutral, however, hoping to avoid anger and to persuade Straw to see her side, to let her out.
“That’s right.” Straw challenged, facing her again. “Would’ve pleased my mother no end.”
“So why didn’t you?” Bella fought the jealousy creeping in. She knew he was only trying to punish her.
“You really are dumber than you look.” He scoffed.
“Don’t insult me, you-”
“Because I love YOU, dammit!”
His words rang in the air, jarring and unexpected. Straw seemed just as surprised. He rubbed the back of his head nervously, adding “Though I’m fast forgetting why!”
Bella felt a sudden wave of remorse. She decided playing games wouldn’t do this time.

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