Rebirth / Kindness of Strangers (II)

She looked around again, “and Dr. Green?” she asked me.

“He had to step out.” I hedged.

“No doubt,” she said. She looked somewhat disappointed but not surprised. “My own fault really, I should have told him before we got here. I just wasn’t sure…” she trailed off as if she suddenly realized that we were not confidantes. “Do you mind?” she asked holding out her hand.

I helped her to her feet and gave her a bit of space. She had long blond tresses and smoky grey eyes. She was dressed very tastefully. Not the sort of woman you expect to find in a compromising position.

She headed for the door, “Doctor?” she called.

We found him sitting in the foyer in an old and tatty wing back chair. It seemed to suit his character, and his mood. This was a man on the edge I thought. He could probably use some of that liquor I decanted earlier.

Not my problem though. My business was mech-tech, not human psychology. I couldn’t imagine what hers must be.

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