Catch The Moon

Here I sit in my small room

I don’t need much space, just enough to keep me company. Four walls and a ceiling. And a floor. Why did they put the floor so close to the ground? My little window lets me see people as they go by, which isn’t very often any more. I’m not the only one left, but it’s getting close.

As I watch the growing gloom

I can’t see the sun, but as everything gets darker I know that tonight will be the night. It has been a long time coming. I cannot wait for the darkness to surround everything, to be complete. Every night comes at the end of every day. With any luck I’ll be ready. I will not bow for another night.

In my hand I hold a spoon

The spoon isn’t much to look at, it isn’t flashy or intricately designed. It’s grey, but it’s mine. I made it. It took me a long time, but having a spoon gives me that hope that will get me through. The dull metal catches the light in such a way that always makes me smile. The spoon is what will make the difference.

And wonder how to catch the moon

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