In The Park

After two weeks, she’d determined the last body, a Mary Anne Ditt, was starved, but died of infection to her mangled wrists and exposure. Most likely the body was thought dead and dumped in the cold night. It was weird, usually female victims are taken for pleasuring a sick psycho, but this psycho didn’t touch her. Maybe her death was a surprise to the villain.

“What do we have here?” Cherie ducked under the yellow tape, following Chief Sortaz to a spot just barely off the path winding through Cloverdale Park.

“Another female, looks starved, body just dumped here in plain sight.” Sortaz sounded stumped. “Why would a serial killer starve his victims, then leave the bodies in plain sight?”
“Serial killer?” Cherie raised her eyebrows at Sortaz.
“Female, starved, left, it just sounded like the other girl. Try to find something to link the two.” Sortaz walked off.

Dean, who had hung around behind Cherie just within earshot, skipped up behind her. “Are her hands bound?” He asked helpfully.
“No. But they were.”

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