The public's right to know

“God-damned police spokesperson, " Rod Garrin muttered under his breath and into the microphone in his hand.
Overhead, he heard the drone, “…and, at this time, there are no known suspects. Police are doing all they can to track down suspects in this brutal slaying. We’ll keep you posted of events in this case.”
Shouts from the reporters rose and Sargeant O’Day scuttled off dismissively.

None of this sat well with Rod. He knew that there was more than the police were letting the public know.

His producer shouted in his earpiece to prepare for the final segment. Rod negotiated an angle with his cameraman, took a deep breath, and gave a report of the few details of the case. Then, the cameraman lowered the camera and shut off the light. Garrin wandered over to the police officers lingering at the scene. He knew a few of them from his ex-girlfriend, Detective Peri Calhoun.

He surveyed the assembled officers and spied one he recognized. He walked over and conferred.

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