02 twenty-four (part 3)

It was one day later. He wouldn’t admit to anyone else, but Scott had missed her.

8 am.

Scott frowned, confused. In front of her house, the house left to her by her parents, were people.
“What’s happening here?” asked Scott, his frown deepening as he saw Josh’s eyes watering. No one answered.

“What happened? Why are you all here?”
Josh kept quiet.

“Dammit. Just tell me.” Sasuke growled impatiently. Oddly, he felt his stomach twisting.

Finally, Josh spoke.

’It’s Addie,’ he said quietly. ‘She…’ he trailed off and wiped his eyes with his sleeve.
‘…she’s not here.’

‘What? Where is she?’ Josh turned away.

‘Josh…’ Scott growled threateningly. He was about to grab his collar but Gavin tapped his shoulder. ‘Cassie said that you should meet her in the cliff overlooking the sea.’

Scott scowled. ‘I have no time. I have to find Addie—’

‘She’s with her.’

Scott frowned. ‘Alright.’ He turned to go but stopped. ‘Thanks.’

Gavin nodded curtly.


’I’m afraid there’s no more we can do for her.’



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