John, with his phone to his ear, quickly ducked into his cabin as the small boat floated under a cascade of water. Perhaps many years back teenagers looking for some kind of rush might have jumped off of the tall waterfall, but the precipice had long since been abandoned.
“Come on! I wanna see you!” replied a female voice from through the phone.
“You know I can’t do that. I’m on the run from so many people from so many places, I need closed captions to understand it all.”
“It wish I knew that before I started dating “The Cousin Of Death.
“Would you really have said yes if I’d told you I was an assassin? It’d be easier if I didn’t have a live-in skin. If everybody in the place wasn’t trying to kill me.”
“But you have your own niche crew! Why can’t they cover for you?”
“It’s like a retox. If I stop doing this, I’ll go insane. I’m sorry, baby, I’m going to lose the signal now.”
The boat passed into the tunnel, and the signal to John’s phone died, leaving him separated from all of the world.

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