I Love You

“I—I have something to tell you.” He said.

She looked up from her newspaper.

“I want you to know I am always here for you. That from the moment I saw you, I knew we were meant to be together. What I’m trying to say is that I love you, and always will, no matter where you go.”

Her heart began to beat faster as she realized what was happening.

“In Paris? Je t’aime. In Madrid? Te amo. In Dublin? taim i’ ngra leat. In Warsaw? Kocham cię. In Rome? Ti amo. I want to be with you forever and ever.” He said, kneeling down on one knee, “Marry me?”

“Yes,” She yelled, “I mean, it’s perfect she will definitely say yes.”

“Awesome, thanks for the help Claudia, you’re such a great friend.” He said, kissing her on the cheek and leaving.

She sighed.

“Too bad you’re asking the wrong person.”

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