Alcohol Poisoning

The man got alcohol poisoning. He drove to the liquor store to get more alcohol but on the way there he was so drunk that he drove into Compton. He did not want liquor any more. what he wanted now was to find a hospital to cure his alcohol poisoning. Finally he found a hospital. He rushed to the emergency room. A young, black doctor helped him right away. Then he threw up alcohol all over the doctors brand new Jordan 2.865734 hyperdunk elite millenium super hop j master sneakers. The doctor looked angry but then he started to laugh. He laughed for about 10 minutes straight until he killed the drunk man by lethal injection (sterilized needle, of course). The doctor was shocked at what he had done but it was what that guy deserved. He shoved the dead man in a duffle bag and dragged him down the hall to the bathroom. He told other doctors that inside the bag was a rabid jamaican starfish that he caught in the parking lot while it was dealing drugs. The doctor ended up flushing the man down the urinal.

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