Shadowplay: Luke

Knock knock.

Someone is banging on the warehouse door. Kyle slinks toward the sound, his greasy blond ponytail screaming murder even in the light. I can hear him mumbling some shit about a password. I think Kyle’s been playing RPG’s a little too much. He thinks he’s a goddamn mage or something.


I know who it is. I can hear her fluttering those dark eyelashes, her mouth curling into something predatory and sexy.

Kyle barks out something about Mitzi coming in, telling her that the little one can’t come with.


She brought Sophia. She always brings Sophia.

“Shut up, Kyle,” I yell. “Open the goddamn door.”

Kyle tries to glare at me, but yanks open the door without complaint. Mitzi strides in, curls bobbing in time with her hips. I almost don’t see Sophia shuffle in behind her, hands in pockets, head down, trying to make herself smaller than she already is. Mitzi takes off for the dance floor, the strobe bouncing a crown of lights off her hair.

I wish she would dance my way.

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