A Bad Situation

“So ask me,” said Mandy, wondering despite herself what kind of question he meant.

“Mandy,” said Neal seriously, taking her hand and looking straight into the eyes. “Will you go to the Welcome-Back Dance with me next week?”

Mandy stared at him. Her hand hung limply in his own. “What, like as your date?”

Neal laughed. “Yeah, Manders, as my date. Hey, I really like you…you know that, right?”

Mandy just stared at him, with no idea what to say.

A beat up old car pulled up to the school smoking. A tall figure got out and started for the doors of the school, then stopped, seeming to spot the two people in the hall.

Neal’s eyes narrowed. “Hey, you know you gotta give me an answer now, right?”

“Neal, I-” Mandy looked down and discovered that Neal was still clutching her hand. She wiggled free and took a step back. “No, Neal. You just started talking to me this morning!”

“What can I say,” growled Neal. “I fell fast.” He grabbed her shoulders and this time, Mandy knew she wouldn’t be able to wiggle free.

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