Solemn smoking

Now there was only one left. He had been well stocked on cigarettes for the twenty-five or so years he had been smoking, working through a nice, steady, five packs a day. And, now, of all times, there was only only one left.

The state of his life right now; it was… it was hectic. His Mum and Dad had just been in a car crash. Their joint funeral was just two weeks from now. His sister had just had a miscarriage, she was so very sad right now. When you feel a life growing inside of you, when you’re that close to them, and then just to have them snatched away. It’s unjust. His younger brother had, in reponse to his parents’ deaths, taken up drugs. He had got in with a bad crowd and found the sedatives to have a calming effect on his life.

And, the icing on the cake, his girlfriend was pregnant, he’s found out last month.

He had smoked for twenty-five years, and now, it had given him terminal lung cancer. Malignant tumour. After almost four decades of days, he had only one left.

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