What Really Happened

Dean kicked the girl in the stomach.

“Swallow the damn pills!” He screamed as he shoved sleeping pills down her throat. “Why did my wife leave me, Jessica?”

Jessica began to cough as she choked on the sleeping pills.

“I know Jessica, you think its not your fault. You have nothing to do with it, right?” Dean let out a short, creepy chuckle. “Well I may be crazy but I’m not stupid! I’m not smart but I’m not stupid! But that really does not matter. Even the craziest, dumbest person in the world could figure out that this is all your fault! And now you will get what you deserve.”

Dean ripped the duct tape off of Jessicas mouth and shoved his fist down her throat, forcing her to swallow the sleeping pills. He watched her suffer as she fell to the ground.

A shadow appeared around the corner of a brick alley way. It began growing larger until Dean could hear footsteps. He picked up the duct tape and the box of sleeping pills (spilling some as he did so) and fled in a hurry.

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