Instant Messaging after the Capulet Party

J: omg rose! i met the cutest guy at my dad’s party 2nite!

R: oh yea? u have all the luck. i wish my parents had let me go!

J: oh i know i so wish u had been there. he was adorable romantic just the absolute most perfect guy ever! and guess what – we kissed!!!!! hows things with your creepy stalker dude? whats his name again?

R: dont get me started. he actually showed up at my house the other night talking about how i was his true love. as if. so i told him i couldnt be w/ him b/c i was going to be a nun and he bought it! lol!

J: haha nice one. well hopefully my guy works out. this could be the real thing u know. love. but… im not sure my parents are going to be too happy

R: y?

J: ummm… hes a montague…

R: what!? wait… his names not romeo is it?

J: yea how’d you know that?

R: juliet! thats my crazy stalker!

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