Am I still alive or is this the after life? And if so am I in heaven or the underworld? Many questions passed through the girl’s mind quickly as she opened her eyes.

“UH-HUH-UH” She coughed loud and harshly as dust stained the inside of her throat and stung her pupils.

“Where am I?” She said in a quiet voice. Is this the underworld? Have I not liven up to the expectations of God to be accepted into the heavens?

The girl truly believed that she was dead but she really was not. She has been knocked out for days and the last thing she remembered before waking up was that she was smoking in an alley between two buildings.

“Help! Someone please help!” She screamed for hours and got no response so she gave up. She could not move out of the rubble which she was stuck beneath.

Finally her memory was coming back. She now remembered that she was on the streets in Haiti and before she was knocked out she heard a rumbling, saw the buildings begin to shake, and then she went out with a crash.

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