you arent a friend to me
i hope you know youre more than that
friends arent friends
youd have to mutiply friend by a thousand
and then probably add a bunch more to that
for all the times youve made me laugh so hard i almost died
because no ones funny like you anymore
no ones like you anymore at all
i wish i could make you realize that youre really something special
and reality’s not as bad as it may seem
i wish that youd believe me when i told you fuck those girls
and fuck those guys
they arent worth shit
compared to you
and trust me when i say nothing i could say could be more true
maybe take this as a too little too late too apology
for being few and far between
i never left really but i know thats how it seems
maybe let this ficly solace
maybe let it tell you im around
maybe say fuck it this is stupid shes a ginger
but let it say something
let it at least say that i care
and that id never leave
not in time not in distance not in death

ill never leave you

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