Rainy Day Recess

She awoke slowly to the sound of rain pattering against the window. Before she was fully conscious, she felt him snuggle up against her, his chest hair gently tickling her back. She turned her head in greeting as his hand reached over to caress her hip then leisurely cup her breast.

“Good morning” she kissed his cheek, trying to avoid breathing on him.
“Good morning to you too” he squeezed his hand gently as he spoke.

Just then, music began to play as the alarm went off. She reached for the snooze but before she worked her hand from beneath the covers, he pounced!

He quickly turned her onto her back, straddling her legs, he pinned her arms beside her head. “Now, you’re my prisoner. Hmm… no one to rescue you. You’ll just have to pay your own ransom.” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively and she began to giggle.

“Hand me the phone.” She said as she laughed.
“Because I think I’ll call in sick.”
As he reached to unplug the clock he ducked his head and whispered in her ear.
“Good idea”

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