The Doctor and Lady MacClaine.

The doctor knocked on the door. It was impressive and foreboding, instilling in him a sense of fear.

Lady MacClaine opened the door and adjusted her genuine mink stole. “Doctor Johnson-Aberdeen, I do declare!” she greeted. “Won’t y’all just come on in?” she offered, gesturing to the inside of her mansion. Laptops, tablets, and MP3 players were strewn about everywhere, many of them not even out of the box.

“Uh…um…thank you,” the doctor said, bewildered, entering the house. “Now, Mrs. MacClaine, I came by to tell you that we were worried about you. You haven’t been by our office in about three years, and—” He caught himself, nearly tripping over a MacBook Pro, one of the new, retooled line. “—and we were worried about your health,” he continued. He looked around, his head jerking like a bird’s. “What with all the Mac products?”

A look of puzzlement crossed Lady MacClaine’s face, and she looked up from her new iPad. “I thought an Apple a day kept the doctor away.”

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