Edison. Trey Edison.

One of the biggest barriers to artificial intelligence was the Interpretation Engine – a program so thick, so cyclical, so modular, that no one knew how it worked. Unfortunately, the IE wasn’t designed to understand the IE algorithm, so while Robots can parse, understand, mimic, and innovate human speech, we still cannot pick our own brains. Neither can humans.

What peeved me most was his cryptic mode of communication, because my IE was failing miserably. I announced as much.

“You have me immobilized. Either get to the point, or I’ll contact the Company.”

My Net connection was still functioning, so I set a Suicide Retrieval Broadcast, to the Green residence, with a half hour re-com limit. If I failed to reestablish communication within a half hour I would be presumed dead and a team would be dispatched to retrieve me. Genius. I felt like James Bond.

“Don’t you worry Mr. Edison. I read your SRB loud and clear, and I’ll be sure to transmit a cancel request on your behalf. You’ll now find your Net jammed.”

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