Sunrise Rollerland

We don’t need no education

For reasons unknown, those lyrics resonated deep within the hearts of Ms. Jan Wick’s fourth grade class. Why a song about alienated youths from post WW II Britain would appeal to her students, she would never understand.

She leaned against the skating rink’s barrier wall and watched as her students went round and round. She noticed some boys in a corner, clearly plotting mischief, but chose to ignore them. Her head was throbbing and her hip hurt from falling during her embarrassing attempt to join her students.

Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone

Ms. Wick rubbed her neck as her students sang along, loudly, with the words blaring from the speakers. Many of them looking at her and grinning as they did.

She knew they thought they were somehow privy to something she was too old to understand.

She smiled wryly as she watched them. These lucky children, growing up in the California sun would hopefully never really understand what Pink Floyd was about.

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