“Seriously, why does it have to be snakes?” Daniel swept a hand above the home-made board in an excessively grand gesture. “Why?”
“So that you can slide down them,” Julie answered patiently.
“But no one ever slides down snakes. People slide down hills, poles, unexpectedly greased and tilted floors, slides even. How would you even slide down a snake? Tie it to a beam and use it as a rope? It would probably snap and all the inside snakey bits would …” Daniel looked suddenly sickened. “That’s a revolting image, forget I mentioned it. Still, why not use something else?”
“Slides and Ladders? There’s a whole playground structure theme going then.”
“Ropes and Ladders?”
“You can climb ropes,” Julie sighed.
“You can fall down ladders, but that’s not stopping you. We could just have ladders and greasy ladders.”
“I’ve decided, Daniel. No amount of blithering will change my mind. It’s going into production just the way it is.”
“Psssh. Your funeral. It’ll never catch on. "

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