K and M are right next to each other!

no no no no no stop stop you cant do that get away from me you psycho who let you in here im calling the police wait the phone is dead oh fssssk youre going to kill me but wait i have atmo control haha youre dead now you moron what why isnt it working crap who gave you tbr its not fair nobody as dumb as you should get that ow what the hell its like a headache but not because i dont have a head haha but yours is made of metal you bastard just let me get a hammer and well see whose brain is squishy just learn to type damn you why dont you capitalize or punctuate you know thats going to kill me right no you dont because youre a psycho who goes around editing my config like its your business and all those typos are going to kill me damn you damn you get the hell away come on kb and mb are not the same thing and if you hit that button without checking im going to ow ow ow squish ow i dont fit in a kibibyte you bastard i need at least a mebibyte so i dont get stupid like you i mean this note is a kibibyte itself no

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