Less than Half

Partial Interview Transcript
Subject: Lt. Demitrius Rand
Interviewer: REDACTED
Topic: Dr. Kara Genfall (MD-PhD)

The Doc’ definitely scares me, but I can’t say she shouldn’t be out here.

Yeah, she’ll order a mental health exam if you piss her off, but so did our last CMO.

No, there’s no way she would have actually gone through with that.

Isn’t that part of her job? Drascol isn’t remotely qualified for xenobiology.

At lest Genfall knows how to use a centrifuge without killing people.

No, that’s absurd. They’re just friends. And no way would she let him see her research notes. She doesn’t let me see them.

Well, yeah… but there’s no rule against it.

What? This isn’t supposed to be about me.

Hey, we weren’t the ones to lose that monster-thing. That was all Firebrand.

I dunno, I’m not trained for working on TBRs.

I don’t see how that’s relevant.

Fine. She’s standing there in a costume nurse’s outfit with a giant syringe.


You want me to break your arm? You’ll find out that way.

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