1o Songs About Nothin' [1 of 2]

It was nearly midnight an’ I needed ta wake up. Don’t ask me why we were drivin’ aroun’ in a stolen car for two hours, it’s a whole ‘nother story. I told her to keep the car runnin’ so I could stop in the corner store. If ya let it die the engine struggles an’ I didn’t wanna get stuck if I had ta leave inna hurry. The girl couldn’t reach the pedals without leanin’ forward on the edge of the seat an’ stretchin’ them skinny little legs all the way out, like kids do. I forget sometimes she’s just a dumb kid; I forgot earlier when I popped off n’ gave ‘er that cruel bloom under her eye. Felt like shit after but when I’ve hadda few rails nothin’ can tame me an’ I end up half crazy thinkin’ everyone’s as invincible as me. Soon as I stepped outside an’ put the bottle to my lips, man, they were on me poundin’ the shit outta me, an’ she’s starin’ out the window with one lil’ teardrop runnin’ down ’er face. [cont.]

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