I ran and jump from roofs to roofs, I turned and got down by an emergency ladder.
The allay was dark and I was Hungry! So I slowly walked to the nearest road and there it was, the perfect target. Not to fat and not to skinny. So I sneaked behind him and put my hand on his shoulder.

-Aaaaaaaaaaah! He scram, they always do.

So I bit in his neck and tore his head. I quickly got to his brain without forgetting to eat his eyes, that’s the best piece. But I had to leave, and fast. The footsteps were getting closer. I got on my feet as a bullet zoomed near my head. I started running while Adrenalin rushed to my brain, it felt good!

I could have killed him, but it was useless, he would have just rotten there. I prefer to keep them fresh until I’m hungry.

So I just ran as fast, as I always do, with the wind blowing in the few hairs that still hang on my head.

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