The Creatures

They live in the trees. They hate when their homes are invaded.

The creature overlooks the magician and the crowd from high in the trees, it’s bright red eyes glowing malevolently in the night. The magician bows proudly and the audience applauds loudly and begins to cheer. Yet another thing the creatures hate- loud noises.

The applause comes to an abrupt halt. Growling noises fill the woods. Footsteps are heard in the distance. They get louder and louder.

“What is that?” a women calls out.

“Maybe it’s deer!” says a man from the crowd.

“Whatever it is it sounds like its getting closer”

They were close now. They were ready to feast. They smelled fresh blood and they were ready to attack their prey. The creatures surrounded the humans from a distance. They got exited and began to chatter their teeth.

“Do you hear that!?” The magician screams.

“Ah you’re all paranoid!” a short, fat man screams. “It’s probably just them damn squirrels.”

Suddenly hundreds of evil red eyes surround the campsite…

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