Sometime Around Midnight

I had moved away from Chicago to get away from the annoying bustle of a major city, choosing a peaceful place in Vermout, far from much bustle. I chose an apartment and got myself all situated.
Sometimes, though, things you want just don’t happen.
Like the peace I wanted? It ended in one night, when I met someone that ended all peace in my life.
I came out onto the balcony on my apartment close to midnight once to enjoy the calm sounds of night in small towns like this, and instead I saw my neighbor on the wrong side of the railing, preparing to jump. Now this building wasn’t as high as the ones back in Chicago, but it was high enough.
Yet I felt the best thing to do at that time was to try and ignore the girl, but what if she jumped?
But what was I suppose to say to someone about to kill themself?
So I cleared my throat and said a strong, simple, “Hello.”

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