The Midnight Road

Drive faster!

Rain lashed, wipers slashed, Cort plowed through the pouring rain, the demons of his past pursuing close behind.

Wind whistled, debris whirled into the road ahead, utility poles fell behind.

Stomach tied in knots, sweat poured down his face.

A bump, thump, and the car died. The tension in Cort’s body increased.

Gotta run, gotta get away.

Then, They’re here!

He leaped from the car and dashed into the open field beside it.

Gotta hide. Oh, god! Can’t shake them. They’ll find me, anyway, his fevered mind screamed.

Shadows whipped about him, flitted, fluttered. Low, eager hisses issued from the assailing darkness.

Skin prickled; invisible claw briefly caressed the back of his neck and was gone. He ran harder.

Out of breath, out of time, out of options.

He screamed in fear and pain. Red ribbons slashed into his back.

Stumbled. Fell.

They were on him instantly. Dozens of them. Tearing. Clawing. There had never been hope for escape. Their claws had already been too deeply embedded.

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