Trust Yourself


So I’m going to make this quick because in high school you hardly have time to breathe due to the fact that your parents decided you should take the hardest classes possible. Yes, for once you actually listened to them…what were you thinking?

So middle school, eh? Kind of a letdown isn’t it?

First off stop pretending that you like The Joe Bros, Brittany Spears, High School Musical, etc. etc. Your ears are begging you to stop. In fact delete your whole playlist and start over.

Oh and your BFF? Well as you read this she’s probably telling everyone the secret, yes THE secret. So much for forever right?

Go make some real friends and hold on to them. They’ll turn out to be awesome people.

These next few years will be tough but you obviously get through them. My only advice is “be who you want to be, not who others want to see” and all that jazz.

~Love Yourself

P.S. You know that boy who keeps stealing your stuff and making fun of you? Don’t write him off as another jerk, trust me on this one…

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