Life With a Toddler

I get up to the sound of playing coming from the next room. I rub the sleep from my eyes. When I open her bedroom door, she jumps, as if getting caught doing something naughty. And sometimes she is.
As I pick out her clothes for the day, she peeks at me through the slats. I lean down and kiss her through the bars. She giggles and presses her face against them for another one. I smile and comply.
I soon set her free and try to get her dressed. She babbles so seriously, telling me all about everything in her little world. Then she runs off, trying to avoid being clothed. Eventually, she sits pretty in her seat and eats breakfast. She smiles and says, “Yummy.” I turn to make my own nourishment.
Taking your eyes off an eigtheen month old can be dangerous. I look back to make sure she is ok and she has milk all over nose and mouth. She’s drinking it like a dog! I laugh and clean her off. I find myself laughing more and more with each passing day.

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