Little Green Men

-Sir, just as we taught that the human was the only intelligent specie of the galaxy, our psycho-history revealed the existence of a planet on which lives an intelligent race of little green men.
-Did you send an expedition to the planet?
-Yes, and here’s the problem…
-What, you just found the planet and you already have problems!
-Actually, Sir, it’s been a couple of month since we sent our men…
-And you didn’t talk about it to me!
-Sir… you must understand we didn’t want to upset you with that…
-OK, so what’s the problem?
-The settlers we sent went out of our control and took the power of the planet.
-That’s good, whats the problem?
-Yo, stop interrupting me you fool and I’ll tell you!
-Hey, don’t ever talk to me like this again or I’ll send you to jail for the rest of your life!

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