Little Green Men {2}

-I beg you pardon Sir, he kneels. So the point is the green men are exploited by the settlers, they live in inhuman condition, they are set apart of the rest of the population and thousands of them died starving in their little cardboard houses, children don’t go to school, sir we don’t know what to do. We need your help!
-Did you try to talk with them, did you try to understand why they did that?
-Yes, but all communication whit the planet have ceased, we sent probes, most of them never returned, but one did and the pictures it took are catastrophic, they clearly show that they are planing a rebellion, they are building ships, bombs and nuclear wep….

This guy never finished his word, before dying, he heard a big explosion sound, Trantor exploded, the settlers army was all around the planet. The little green men lived a couple more years before disappearing from the universe. This is the last racism comportment recorded at this date.

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