Waiting for class to end

Susan was getting restless. Her professor was droning on and on about something. She wasn’t really paying attention. Its not that she isn’t a good student or even lazy.
It was just Friday. This was her last lecture of the day. And she was leaving for Santa Cruz in the morning.
She looked at the clock again. 5 more minutes. Ugh.
The girl behind her kept tapping her pen against her desk. Tap tap tap. It was enou-. Tap. Enough to drive someone mad.
She tried to keep her mind on the warm sand and the cool ocean. She just had to get through today and then she’ll be gone tomorrow.
Check the clock. Still 5 minutes. Tick. Tick. Tick.
“Just think of the beach.” She reminded herself again. “Lay on the beach with nothing to do but listen to the wind.”
Look at the clock again. 4 minutes.
A small smile grew across her face. Progress.

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