Web Surfer

Surfing the Tubes of Cyberspace like a Surfer taking a massive wave going “Woah, totally awesome dude.”

The waves of the Interweb begins to curl up around my keyboard,
As the wave is hitting it’s apex at the absolute height of it’s Bandwidth.
Uploading onto the wave with my keyboard intact waiting for that tunnel of downloading at broadband speeds to begin.

Keyboard flying now through the Information Super Wave
Drops of DNS addresses hitting my fingers as they hold on to the keyboard.
Slowly gaining balance, Routers re-route, Addresses translate, my hands are free
The World Wide Wave envelopes my packets. Pinging my body in all directions.
I feel it’s energy, a symbiotic DHCP connection, connecting me to thoughts ideas, and funny videos of a guy getting hit by a donkey.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, all at my command key
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, tumblr are all socially connected to me.

Everything is in sync.
No proxies,
No logins.

I am a Web Surfer.

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