Epic of the Sand God

Thoughts drift across the sands of my wasteland, floating in the wind like a feather caught in an updraft. They settle in the darkest of places, places that even I dare not venture even on my brightest days. As they become trapped they darken and fester, tainted by the darkness. They change form and turn evil, an evil that spreads out into the vastness of my wasteland. No longer do they drift. Now they take wing and soar as high as the sky can reach, blocking out the sun like giant dragons of hate and malice.

I am enraged by these beast. They try to reign over my wasteland; swooping and diving in its skys, digging into its sands, slowly working to poison and overtake my land. I shall not allow it. They do not know this land nor do they know its master. Though I do not travel to the dark places, I’ve combated many of the misshapened figures that have risen from their depths. I’ve dealt the killing blow to numerous creatures of this nature, so I shall not fear these beast.

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