Epic of the Sand God pt.2

I slowly rise from my throne, armed with only two weapons. My sword, “as swift and steady as the hand of a seasoned calligrapher” , and my shield, “as mighty as the quills of great philosophers”. Drawing my sword and steadying my shield, I take to the sky and survey the damage they’ve done. Now, their unwanted presence shall come to an end.

I immediately catch sight of one of the winged creatures and set to work on the task at hand. I allow myself to fall, thrusting out my sword as I prepare for it to make contact. My blade strikes true as always, plunged into the beast back, I hold firm to its hilt as the monter makes its deathspin into the ground. When the dust clears, the creature is dead, my sword and I still planted in its back. I free my sword from the beast and stand back as my wasteland does what its Lord commands. The creature is swallowed up by the sand in mere seconds. Now it knows, now it knows who is Lord and Master of this domain. Now, onto its brethren…

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