Heat wave

The heat; I can’t stand the heat anymore. Why is everybody happy when spring comes and the snow melts? Those are signs that it will be too hot soon. Anyway, it’s too hot and I need to do something about it.

Last year I tried to stay inside, but then the AC broke and there was none to be found in stores. All sold out. This year, won’t happen to me. I bought three. Now those are just in case my idea doesn’t work, which might happen, since it is a pretty far fetched idea : I will freeze the world.

Yup, Melissa, at the store down the street told me that she would go out with me when hell freezes over. And if the hottest place in the world is frozen, then everywhere else should be colder… All I have to do in convince her to go out with me, which is almost a done deal since she told me at one time that she would go out with me if I was the last man on earth. I should be comfortable for the summer since I’m now the only man on earth thanks to that selective virus. Wish me luck!

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