When Hollister and Hot Topic Met 11

“The hell you could”, Sammie said staring at gages. She loved them, but her parents would freak if she ever gaged her ears. “Maybe we will Sammie, you didn’t know I’m in love with Aiden.” I jokingly grabbed his face and kissed him. “Back off my man bitch.” Sammie joked pulling him away from me. We all shared a laugh and headed out for lunch. We stopped at Don Pablo’s and ate a bunch of delicious mexican food…

“DANCE TOMORROW!!!” Sammie yelled as I drove us home. “Sam are you staying over tonight?” I asked as we drove into my driveway. “Dude, Its horrifying horrid horror movie night.” She said with a smile. “Awesome, Aiden you’re welcome to stay too Babycakes.”
“Your brother home?”
“Fine, as long as I don’t have to deal with you two alone.”

We walked into the house and saw Trent, my twin brother, sitting on the couch with the movie ready. “Hey drop out.” I teased as we walked in grabbing the bowl of popcorn from him. “Hey nerd.” He said as he grabbed the bowl back.

“MOVIE TIME!!” Sammie screamed.

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