The pathologist's report

Beneath the precinct there is the Reaper’s lair. A dark room, cold enough to preserve the dead. A combination of recently deceased, unidentified and just unwanted cadavers occupied the metal confines of these walls.

Gregory Torques was just sealing up the lifeless body of the Jane Doe from the fire escape, when his apprentices brought in a new corpse, the latest development in the Serial Starver case.

‘Thanks, I’ll start immediately,’ he said, dismissing them, ’Let’s see what stories you’re stomach will tell, to start with.’

He picked up a scalpel from a tray set besides his operating table, and began to mentally plot it’s path down the woman’s torso, before deploying his plan. Upon opening up the stomach, he saw a patch of red. Carefully reaching in with a gloved hand, he extracted a single half-dissolved garment of lingerie. With quick eyesight, he determined that it had been well-worn, but wouldn’t fit this woman. Making the link, on an instinctive whim he lowered the scalpel to the woman’s uterus.

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