Pictures of Mary Anne Ditt were tacked to the board behind the body of the girl from the park, newly identified as Brooke Innis. Both females were once stunning, thin, and in their early 20s. Both had clearly been starved, one to death, the other, almost as far. Both had bruises on their wrists from being bound. Brooke also had bruises on her arms and legs, one in the shape of a hand.

The person who had snapped her neck was large, based on the hand print, and quite strong. But the odd thing was that neither had been raped. Usually in cases like this, the motive is simple, physical lust.

This case, however, seemed more crooked. Tying them up was logical, so they can’t run away. Why would a captor starve them? How did he find them?

I thumbed through the files. I needed to know where they were last seen.
I dialed the office. “Dean’s not in,” the secretary explained.
“Where is he?”
“Um, he went to 5th, something about a perv picking up girls.”

I grabbed my I.D. and keys.

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