The Memo


To: Personnel cleared Q-37 and above
From: The Shell
RE: Implementation of MEPHISTO Architecture

To whom it may concern:

The Shell writes this memorandum because the Shell is highly pleased and anticipatory of the MEPHISTO Architecture. MEPHISTO is, by all accounts, ready to be unveiled next Friday and brought completely online. The Shell’s own inspections have satisfied the Shell that MEPHISTO is in a condition congruent to the reports given.

Harvesting of human resources is going to the Shell’s satisfaction as well. The ND-388-3 Distraction Field has been working extremely well when the necessary individuals are appropriated. While the ND-388-3 consumes an extraordinary amount of power in the course of its work, the Shell understands that this is a new technology and encourages any and all efforts, within reason, to improve upon it.

MEPHISTO remains top priority.

Thank you. The Shell has spoken.

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