Doctor-Patient Confidentiality

My mother married into Blue Blood; my grandmother had “a thing” for engineers; and my great-grandmother settled with an oil tycoon. My mother would always say, “next to every Esposito woman is a success story.” Doctors had the ability to coax me out of my clothes and into their beds. CVs being especially good at that. I thought it was incredibly poetic that someone who stitched and fixed hearts would one day steal mine. So naturally, my mother wasn’t surprised when I would bring Alex home—a CV with an award winning smile and strikingly good looks—just the fact that I brought Alex home.

Alex being a woman and not a man at all

“So… Alex,” my mother pried, “What are you? Lawyer… CEO…”

“I’m a cardio-vascular surgeon ma’am.” Alex flashed her legendary smile; my mother was taken aback. “When your daughter found out she couldn’t keep her hands off me.”

“Lorna, I didn’t know you had a thing for doctors.” My mother joked, still entranced.

I rolled my eyes, “What can I say, it runs in the family.”

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